Web Design & Hosting Packages
With an e-store

Pre-loaded E store Enabled Website
Our web design team will load up a premade site that will allow you to point, click and change to fit your design needs. Built-in is our e-store features and shopping cart so you can see digital as well as physical products (such as merchandise) right from your website. Get paid instantly every time you generate a sale. If you want our team to build it, allow us to quote a price for development to fit your budget.
Monthly Lighting Fast Hosting
Included in your monthly charge is our lightning fast hosting on a reliable backbone built to optimize your site's performance. Complete with email, plenty of space and webmail.
Mailing List Builder
We provide you with a built-in mailing list system to collect names, email addresses and a full staff to send out your email alerts and newsletters. No additional cost for the team or the software. Keep your fans in the loop on your travels.
Digital Store
A digital store built to sell merchandise and digital music products. Each digital product sold is instantly downloadable for your customers. We will show you how to bundle video, audio and images that will result in larger per item sales.

Physical products are available on your site, like t shirts in small, medium and large along with other merchandise in the size that you need. Integrated with a shipping calculator, UPS, USPS and FEDeX to calculate shipping charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hosting system do you use?

We use the Host Gator backbone on a dedicated server. The server is built and optimized to managed multiple regular and ecommerce secure websites. Each hosting account is indivdually set up with your own domain, email and control control panel. 

Do you build the website 100%?

We have a web design team that can buld your website 100%. You can build it using our software at no additional cost once we setup the software and load your pages. If you need additional design setup (complete web design professionals on your project) we can provide you with a design quote to manage the entire process. 

What software do you use?

We use word press to setup each design for our clientts. You can have a hosting account that does not include word press or you can load up your own design. It's your hosting account, use it the way  you want.

How does the estore work?

Built into the website is an e-store. You can sell tickets, t-shirts, merchandise and more. It's integrated with woocommerce, Pay Pal and Stripe.com payment gateway. 

What if I want to leave your hosting company?

We would not want to see you go but your files are transferable and 100% belongs to you. Simply email our team, they will provide you any access you need for files if you don't already have them. Onced moved, let us know so we can cancel your billing.